We are a specialist provider of a comprehensive range of Endocrine services as detailed below which include direct clinical interactions with patients, supporting GPs to manage their patients, providing educational packages for the speciality and doing medico legal reports.

If you or your patient simply requires general medical or endocrine/ diabetes opinion without having to wait for an appointment, please consider contacting Dr Ghosh. Dr Ghosh and his team   are equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions and general medical services. 

​You can be assured as BEC is committed to excellence when it comes to the level of care provided.

  • New therapies of Diabetes and technology assisted Diabetes care.

  • Rapid optimisation of diabetes control to facilitate pregnancy or elective surgery.

  • Difficult to manage diabetes associated with changing doses of steroid for chemotherapy or in other conditions. 

  • Difficult to manage diabetes associated with tube feeding or total parenteral nutrition.

  • Diabetes Education to facilitate  better self management of Diabetes.

  • Obesity and current management regimes.

  • Sex hormone abnormalities and erectile dysfunction

  •  Thyroid gland diseases.

  • Adrenal gland diseases.

  • Pituitary gland diseas


If you are a GP and have a considerable number of patients with Diabetes in your list, then contact Dr Ghosh for further ideas about how your services can be supported by BEC Ltd. 


Dr Ghosh has over 12 years experience of working as a Consultant in NHS England and can provide medico legal reports in acute medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology.


Dr Ghosh has dual accreditation in Diabetes & Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine in UK. 

He regularly manages complex patients admitted as acute medical emergencies.

He will be happy to provide consultations on general medical issues before a specialist opinion is sought.

He can also admit, investigate and treat for acute medical conditions under his care at Priory Hospital Birmingham.


Dr Ghosh has led the Diabetes Education and Guideline Group of University Hospital Birmingham while reviewing Diabetes knowledge of staff and planning of delivery of diabetes related training and education.

He is also an eminent Educationalist with particular interest in Postgraduate medical training. 

If you are interested in organising Educational event on Diabetes, please contact BEC Ltd and Dr Ghosh will be happy to discuss ideas for your target learners and tailor packages for most effective learning. 




If you are a patient or a GP with a patient with Diabetes who needs rapid optimisation of control, it may be necessary to support them over the phone and emails to achieve their goals. 

Please contact BEC Ltd if you need virtual support to optimise Diabetes control.